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And Dreams Rush Forth to Greet the Distance - 2005


Violin and Piano


Commissioned for and funded by Concours Musical International de Montréal, 2006 addition for violin


I was very honored to be chosen to compose the “imposed” piece for the Concours Musical International de Montréal. A work for this kind of performing situation makes particular demands of the composer.  First, this is an instrumental competition, so the piece should show off the virtuosity of the performer.  Second, it should contain a number of contemporary ideas of composition, and also include modern approaches to violin technique.  Most important, since this work will be heard many times, it is key to compose a piece which is engaging for both the performer and the audience.  As well, I wanted a piece that would allow for considerable interpretive freedom with the intention that the individuality of the musician will shine in the performance.


The title was derived from the second last line seminal work of Arnold Schoenberg “Pierrot Lunaire”.  This name was chosen at the beginning of the writing process to serve as a point of inspiration for the music.


I am delighted to report that this piece continues to be performed, in particular at competitions, as this was the purpose of the piece. 


For a full recording, please visit the website of violinist Yolanda Bruno, who gives a stirring performance of this piece!


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