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An Ocean Called Owen - 2010                                                



Story, Artworks: Dwight Schenk, Music: Scott Good, Dwight Schenk


(narrator/actor, 2(3)*2(3)**2(3)**2(3)* / 4*2(3)31 / T / 2 perc / Cel / Hrp / Strings / Audio Playback / 53 slides *)

Composed for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra - CAC/VSO residency


  • Premiere: October 10, 2011, Orpheum Theater, Vancouver/British Columbia, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Bramwell Tovey - Conductor, Scott Good - Narration


Several years ago, songwriter Dwight Schenk and

composer Scott Good got together to make some music. 

A few "jams" and a typo led to their first collaboration - a

tribute concert to the novels of Kurt Vonnegut.  An

Ocean Called Owen is their second collaboration.


"Owen lives deep down in the dirt, where the roots don't

reach and the sun don't shine."  This work, made for

enjoyment for all ages, tells the tale of Owen searching

for that something that keeps calling, taking him out of

the ground, into the wide world.  Through several

encounters, Owen learns the valuable lesson that

"You can't move on without a push from the lessons

of the past".


Scored for full symphony orchestra, it features narrator Scott Good (with some help from his trombone), and conductor Bramwell Tovey playing the 88's.   

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