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2hrs, with intermission


Songs/Lyrics/Arrangements by Scott Good, Dwight Schenk (GUT productions)


Singer, Choir, 13 piece Orchestra

Ranging in styles from classical to jazz, rock to afro cuban, avant garde to country, Vonnegut and the Slaughterhouse Orchestra pays tribute to one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, Kurt Vonnegut. 



Original music by Scott Good, Traditional Kwakwaka'wakw music (ar S. Good), Traditional Dzunukwa story told by William Wasden.


Narrator, 100+ piece symphonic band, Children's choir, Improvisation Choir, Chamber Ensemble (1010/ 0110 / 2Perc / Pno / 10101)


A narration and music setting of a traditional Kwakwaka'wakw story of the Dzunukwa, an ogress of legend, known for being both a dangerous spirit, and a bringer of wealth. 



Story, Artwork: Dwight Schenk, Music: Scott Good, Dwight Schenk


Symphony Orchstra, Narrator/Actor, Artwork Slides, recorded sounds


Owen lives deep down in the dirt, where the roots don't reach and the sun don't shine.  This work, made for enjoyment for all ages, tells the tale of Owen searching for that something that keeps calling, taking him out of the ground, into the wide world. 



Acid house music for live ensemble. Original concept by Jeremy Deller - original arangements by Rodney Newton - remix orchestrations by Scott Good.  Music of KLF, Black Riot, Royal House, 808 State, Kevin Saunderson, Fast Eddie Smith.

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