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...Blood Which Flowed - 2003



Flute, Alto Flute, Alto Trombone, Harp, Piano, Viola


  • Premiere: December 6, 2003, Music Gallery, Toronto/Ontario, Belladonna


...Blood which flowed was composed for the ensemble "Belladonna", a collection of woman musicians who gathered yearly to commemorate victims of the Montreal Massacre, December 6, 1989.







The music is derived from the chant of Hildegard

von Bingen "O Ruby Blood" or "O rubor sanguinis".

It is intended as a meditation on non-violence.




O rubor sanguinis (original text from chant)


O ruby blood

which flowed from

where divinity touched.

You are a flower

that the winter

of the serpent’s breath

can never injure.

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