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Concerto for Cello and Jazz Orchestra - 2013      


(004Sx(satb)0/0340/Set/Latin Perc/Pno/E.Gui/E.Bs-Bs)


Composed for the Hard Rubber Orchestra, and Jeffrey Zeigler, Cellist.  Funded by the Canada Arts Council


  • Premiere: Jun 29, 2013, Roundhouse Centre, Vancouver/British Columbia, Hard Rubber Orchestra, Scott Good - Conductor, Jeffrey Zeigler - Cello


It had been a dream of mine for several years to write a work that puts a cello in front of a jazz band.  Why?  I guess just because it seemed so cool!  The opportunity arose - a kind of synchronicity - when I was both discussing writing my second work for the Hard Rubber Orchestra with John Korsrud, and was also re-igniting my friendship with Jeffrey Zeigler, with whom I was also discussing composing for.  It was fate coming to roost, and thankfully was facilitated by funding with the Canada Arts Council.



The music relies strongly on Classical form, but employs numerous Jazz, and gypsy rhythms and harmonies + flavours of Shostakovich and Henri Mancini.  A plaintive theme, stated alone by the cello at the onset weaves its way throughout all three movements like a kind of cantus firmus.

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