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Sonata for Harp and String Quartet - 2014                           



Composed for Elizabeth Volpé Blythe, made possible by a grant from the American Harp Society, Inc.


  • Premiere: July 24, 2014, Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney/New South Wales/Australia - Onegin String Quartet, Elizabeth Volpé Blythe - Harp


                1. West Coasting

                2. Blue in Violet

                3. Rondo


I was delighted when Elizabeth approached me to write this work.  The harp has always held particular interest for me as a composer, due to its unique sound possibilities.  However, it is a notoriously difficult instrument to write well for.  This opportunity allowed me the time to delve into the technique of harp playing, and really get my hands wet writing for this magnificent instrument.  My hope was to create a virtuosic piece for harp and strings, while still being idiomatic to the instruments capacity and playing nature.


Two movements were composed and premiered (Sydney-July 2014), and the third movement was completed in 2017, and premiered by Sanya Eng (harp) and the Madawaska String Quartet.

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