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Concerto for Improvising Performer and Jazz Orchestra - 2011                          


(S.Improviser / 0004Sax 0 / 0340 / Traps / Perc / Pno / E.Guitar / 1 0 0 0 1(Elec.) )


Composed for the Hard Rubber Orchestra.  Funded by the BC Arts Council.


  • Premiere: May 14, 2011, Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theater, Vancouver/British Columbia, Hard Rubber Orchestra, Scott Good - Conductor/Trombone


1- Hypertension

2 - Willow

3 - Galapagos



The solo part in this concerto is intended to be for any improvising musician.  Like the concertos from the classical music tradition, the solo part is designed to facilitate a broad range of musical improvising issues, from graphic and language based instructions in the first movement, to harmonic and melodic in the last.  The improviser may use theatrics, dance, text and electronic enhancements - there are no boundaries with regards to the realization.  All musical necessities can be covered by the ensemble.


The three movements run without pause.


A special thanks to John Korsrud and the Hard Rubber Orchestra for inviting me to write this piece, and to the BC Arts Council for their generous financial support.

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