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Liquid Metal - 1997



7 Tenor Trombones, 3 Bass Trombones


  • Premiere: February 23, 1997, Music Gallery, Toronto/Ontario, Richard Mascall - Conductor, Slide Rule Trombone Ensemble


Having returned to Toronto after finishing my degree at Eastman, I decided to put on a recital of my compositions (with composer Richard Mascall).  Also wanting to meet trombone players, I decided to compose a trombone ensemble work, and invite players whom I didn't know - Liquid Metal was that piece.


The music is a based upon a simple hexachord that is continuously modulating through the cycle of 5ths. Slow glissandos litter throughout, giving the texture a liquid like quality. 


This work was recorded by Neal Bennett playing all the parts himself.  Recording can be purchased, and sample heard here:!new-cd-ziggurat/c1cwn



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