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Resonance Unfolding 1 - 2011





  • Premiere: June 11, 2011, Orpheum Theater, Vancouver/British Columbia, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Bramwell Tovey - Conductor


Resonance Unfolding is a study in constantly shifting harmonies and timbres.  A small harmonic idea is in perpetual modulation through the cycle of 5ths, in a constant state of arrival and departure.  As well, a lengthy section abandons metric rigor in which the players perform small melodic gestures in a rubato manner, creating a soup of sonic fluidity.


The large scoring matches that of Mahler's 1st Symphony which was also on the program of the premiere concert


Review: VSO ends season on high note

By David Gordon Duke


"First off, though, was something new: Resonance Unfolding by VSO composer-in-residence Scott Good. Using the super-sized orchestrational complement assembled for Mahler's First Symphony, Good's work was a sure-footed (and often subdued) colour study for truly extravagant instrumental forces."

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