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Sun - Moon, Concertino for Trombone and Wind Ensemble - 2013                       


(Solo Trombone + Picc, 3 flutes, Oboe, Eb Clar, 3 Bb Clar, Bass Clar, 2 A Sax, 2 T Sax, B Sax, 4 Horns, 4 trumpets, 4 Trombones, Euph, Tuba, 4 Percussion, Piano)


Composed for Dale Sorensen.  Funded by a consortium of University wind ensembles.


  • Premiere: December 7, 2013, MacMillan Theatre/University of Toronto, Toronto/Ontario, University of Toronto Wind Ensemble, Gillian MacKay - Conductor, Dale Sorensen - Trombone


When Dale approached me to write this piece, I was inspired to create a re-transciption of an older work of mine, Sun - Moon, for string quartet would serve as the basis for this new piece.


Such a magnitude of change in orchestration caused this piece to morph into something quite distinct from the original.  New sections were added, and some parts were simply re-written in order to suit the orchestration plus facilitate a satisfying solo trombone part.


Sun - Moon explores dichotomy.  Fast to slow - consonant (tonal) to dissonant (atonal) - high to low etc.  The music shifts between these moods, and develops into a dusk where sun and moon share the horizon, and mingle.

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