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Brass Quintet - compositions, arrangements



The brass quintet has played a pivotal role in my development as a musician.  As a young trombonist, I had the honour and pleasure to receive mentoring by the Canadian Brass, and studied the art of chamber music with their pedagogical collections.  This also intimately introduced me to many great composers: Bach, Haydn, Gabrielli, Mozart, Purcell, Handel and so many more.  I was also influenced strongly on their ability to design concerts around specific content driven programs through arranging/transcribing, rather than relying solely on music composed specifically for their instrumentation.  I continue to make re-editing music to suit certain orchestrations a strong part of what I do. 


Although it has been a few years since working with a brass quintet, I have a number of pieces (original and transcriptions) from my busy days as a brass quintet performer.  In particular, with the Trillium Brass Quintet, for whom all of these works were composed.  Although I no longer play with them, they remain an active ensemble:  All of the works listed below were composed during my time with them.

Fanfare for SLC

Commissioned by the University of Toronto to celebrate

the opening of a new student  living centre. 




One my few electro-acoustic compositions.  The recorded

part was made at the University of Toronto studio.  The

sounds were contrived from trombone sounds,

recordings of fans and rain, as well as some other sound

objects and some tasty saw tooth waves.  Designed for

4 channel playback with speakers and performers around

the audience - good for large acoustic spaces.


Take Thou My Hand, O Father


See page


Excerpts from the Book of Hours


Text: Poetry of Rainer Rilke

Soprano, 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone, Tuba, 2 Percussion






    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


 Intermezzo #2

    Johannes Brahms


 Going Home (from the New World Symphony)

    Antonin Dvorak

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