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Take Thou My Hand, O Father - 2003             



Large Choir, Brass Quintet, Organ



This work was commissioned by the Pax Christi Chorale, under Stephanie Martin; to be recorded on an upcoming release called "Seasons of the Spirit", with guests the Trillium Brass Quintet for which I was then a member.   I asked Stephanie if there was an appropriate hymn for which I could base the composition - something of particular meaning to the group.  She responded quite immediately with the Hymn Take thou my Hand, O Father.  She explained that many members of the Pax Christi Choir were Russian Mennonites, and this was a familiar hymn sung during the years of the Great War, and became a song of solidarity and hope while escaping the onslaught of the invading German army. This provided me not only meaningful source material for the piece, but also an emotional backdrop to how the hymn would be set - a journey from darkness to light - a journey of hope.


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