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Pulau Dewata (Claude Vivier - ar. Scott Good) - 2011                   




  • Premiere: May 31, 2013, Centre in the Square, Kitchener/Ontario, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra, Edwin Outwater - Conductor


Available from composer.





























This arrangement is not all Vivier, but also contains elements of my own musical sensibilities.  The scoring is often lush and full, or at times delicate and sparse.  It in particular features the wind instruments and percussion.  In order to create a larger sound more indicative of symphony orchestra, resonances are expanded, yet still hold to the instruction Mssr. Vivier left on the title page for realizations.



Esprit Visits Bali

Paulo Griffin, New Music Toronto, November 18, 2013


"Pulau Dewata, originally intended for any combination of instruments that can fit the scoring, was arranged by composer Scott Good for this concert, and I must say, he did an impressive job. Using an orchestra to its full potential is a difficult thing for many composers, but Good managed to do that, with bright and interesting sounds, as well new textures and colours that kept everyone’s attention fixed on the stage"


The tragic early ending of his life continues to impoverish the music world.  Those of us who love orchestral music only have two works of his to hear, with one (Siddhartha) being next to unplayable.  It is in light of this that I decided to create an orchestral realization of his open score Pulau Dewata.  It is my hope that this arrangement may become something enjoyed by many for years to come.

I have been an admirer of Mssr. Vivier's music since I first had the opportunity to read his work Orion while playing with the Toronto Youth Orchestra, under the direction of Walter Boudreau.  I was immediately taken by his unique sonic palette and visceral directness, and have been a fan ever since.

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