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Music and Lyrics by Dwight Schenk, Scott Good


2 hrs with intermission


Singer, Actor, Ten.Sx/Cl, Alt/Bar.Sx, 2Trpt, Tbn, Vln, Vla, Vc, Drum Set, Perc, E.Gui, E/A.Bs, Pno/Keys, Choir


1. Listen:

2. Lulaby for...

3. Dwayne's Big Day

4. Forgive me

5. Laugh Like Hell!




6. Galapagos

7. 2 Ways on a 1 Way

8. Billy's Bounce

9. A Bokonon Amen

10. So it Goes



Born from a shared love for the works of Kurt Vonnegut, Scott and Dwight composed a series of 10 songs over two sets in tribute to his novels.  Scored for chamber orchestra and rock band, with singers and narration, each piece acts as a reflection on a particular book, such as Mother Night (Forgive Me), Slaughterhouse Five (Billy's Bounce), Hocus Pocus (Laugh Like Hell!) and Breakfast of Champions (Dwayne's Big Day). 


The work is described by drummer Dave Clark as a mixture of "Captain Beefheart, Henri Mancini, and Diamanda Galás".  The music transverses many territories, including classical, big band, blues, avant-garde, country, Afro-Cuban... The large ensemble fluxes between mighty tuttis, and delicate chamber moments. 

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